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Why seat belt reminder system is important?
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      It is sorry to heard that an traffic accident case death again, and made the number up to 10 this time as the new report.

      If the bus has the "Seat belt reminder system", the passengers may fastened their seat belt all the time, and maybe, no one die!

      So, what is the "Seat belt reminder system"?

      We can see the demostration through this video of Utube:

       The system supports the safety manager to monitor all the vehicles(bus,coach,minibus,taxi,etc.) remotely in anywhere through internet. What's more? the manager doesn't need to watch the screen all the time like the vedio monitoring, the seat belt reminder system can accurately and automaticly show which seat is occupied but unfastened seat belt, and save the message.The manager can check back or analyze the data in any time.

      One of our customer says that : This system has helped a lot. After installing this system, our safety alert staff has reduced their workload by more than 80%, passenger safety has been better guaranteed, and the enterprise has avoided major accidents and losses.