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Attention! Not wearing seat belt may be fined!
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Let's get know about this law:

Wearing a seat belt is one of the simplest and most effective measures a driver orpassenger can take to prevent injuries and save lives, yet shockingly up to two million UKdrivers are still not buckling up.

A survey conducted by LV in 2014 showed that 47% of motorists are unaware that theycan be fined for flouting this law, so with such an unawareness of the UK driving lawsregarding seat belts, we've put together all the information you need right here.


All drivers and passengers over the age of 14 must wear a seat belt at alltimes, Seat belts cannot be shared. The only exceptions to these rule are:

Those with a medical exemption certificateLicenced taxi drivers looking for custom or carrying passengersGoods vehicle drivers travelling less than 50 metres between stopsA driver or a supervising driving instructor reversing

Police, fire and rescue vehiclesVehicles originally manufactured without seat belts (classic cars, for example)


Any adult passenger travelling by taxi, minibus, bus or coach is requiredto wear a seat belt if they are fitted. This is the responsibility of thepassenger, and so it is they who will be prosecuted if caught.

A child under 3 years old can travel unrestrained in a taxi or private hirecar if:

There is a fixed partition separating the front and back seats of the vehicleThere are no child restraints available

The journey was unexpected


Up to a E500 for adult drivers or passengers travelling without a seat beltif the case is taken to court.

E100 on the spot fine for adult drivers carrying child passengers withoutthe proper restraint

Up to E500 fine for drivers carrying child passengers without the properrestraint if the case is taken to court

3 penalty points for drivers not wearing a seat belt

3 penalty points for drivers carrying child passengers who aren't wearingthe correct restraint

2 points for adult passengers not wearing seat belts