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How much do you know about the taxi in south africa?--
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Background of current transport situation in South Africa

South Africa's public transport construction is traditonal, network is not so public, so what is their model now?

Studies show that about 75 percent of people who travel by road use public transportation. To ensure commuters get to and from their destinations safely, organised groups ensure drivers and vehicles are properly registered, so the South African Taxi Association plays a vital role in the day-to-day running of transport.

Taxi situation

There are two types of taxis in South Africa:

One is the ordinary taxi car called taxi, but this kind of taxi is not common in ordinary street areas, you need to make an appointment to call through the call platform, unlike the domestic call and stop, everywhere, so the local people rarely take this kind of taxi, the main passengers are foreigners such as tourists.

One is called minibus taxi, which is also the most common one. minibus taxi serves as a commuting tool for the vast majority of people, including between cities and towns. minibus taxi usually has 7 to 14 seats, which can realize the characteristics of flexible route but not lengthy, small number of people but more frequency, and meet the needs of commuting.

Scale and operation

According to statistics, the current number of minibus taxis in South Africa is about 200,000, and about 1,000 new access to the transport system every month, and minibus taxis in South Africa are not controlled by a unified national transport unit, but by the South African National taxi Council (Santaco), sometimes known as the South African National taxi Association. It's a community of taxi owners and drivers. They come together to make rules that help achieve the goal of improving transportation.

The Commission has nearly 66 local associations based on the provinces and regions. Investors can purchase a vehicle, then join the association for about 415 rand, and hire a driver to drive it, while the driver regularly turns over the proceeds to the owner.

Operational pain point

In South Africa, where electronic payments are not yet widespread, more people pay their fares in cash, leaving car owners confused about whether drivers are handing over all of their earnings. Does the driver use the bus for personal use?

It needs to count the passengers all along the trip, and tell the manager or vehicle owner the details about when and where the passengers get on and off the vehicle.

Passenger counter   

WEWILLS has developed a total solution called "Seat occupancy detection system",also called " Passenger counter", and it's designed to monitor the occupancy of the seats in real-time.

Once a seat is occupied, and the vehicle is running on the road, it means a passenger is on the vehicle and should pay for the driver, the system will upload the data and save this history, so that  the manager can check out if the driver take the money on his own.

This solution is easy to use, concealed installation, not expensive, wireless and remotely mangement. Click here  to see the whole solution.

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